Hello everyone and welcome to Wolston Library! We are a small library based in the village of Wolston, roughly midway between Rugby and Coventry, with a population of 2,692 according to the last census.

There is a local allotment and WI group, and various groups and activities going on – the village has a website where you can find out more: https://www.wolstonvillage.co.uk/Home_9967.aspx

The local primary school is St. Margaret’s; the former Wolston High has now been replaced with a community and leisure centre not too far from the library.

Interestingly, Wolston once had a railway station! Unfortunately, this closed in 1960, but you can still see the railway viaduct that separates Wolston from nearby Brandon.

The village, in addition to the library, boasts a convenience store, a pharmacy, a GP surgery, and two pubs – all the essentials!

Meet the Staff

The team at Wolston consists, alphabetically, of Jeannette, Karen, Kate, Laura, Matt, Sumera, and Yssy. Wolston is single-staffed, which can of course provide its own challenges day to day, but we all enjoy taking it in turns to serve the community of Wolston. And Wednesdays tend to be a bumper day when we have not one but two members of staff! This allows us to cover our Rhyme Times and IT Help sessions. It’s fair to say we are all book lovers and a couple of us are pretty musical too. We also all work at Rugby Library too, and in some ways Wolston is the moon to Rugby’s Earth 😀

Kate says: “There are many things to love about working at Wolston Library. The short journey to get there is a delight through the changing seasons. Sheep feature heavily, cows and horses often make an appearance. Foxes, pheasants and rabbits occasionally come to the party too and there have been fleeting guest appearances from a red kyte, a badger and an errant peacock!

The recent refurbishment means that even on the greyest of days a bright and cheery sight reveals itself as the door slides open.

Our lovely children’s room very often resounds with the playful chitchat of our youngest library members. Mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas all enjoy the space too!

The best thing about Wolston library is the wide range of customers who come through our doors. Many have exquisite reading taste; many have voracious appetites for reading. Some delight in new books from their favourite authors, others are curious to explore authors that are new to them. Some want to chat, some want to be left to browse, some seek assistance, some want to review their latest read. From babes in arms to nonagenarians they keep us busy and are a constant delight.”

What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Wolston Library has been a mainstay in the village for decades. In 2010, the building was extended to incorporate a Children’s Centre, and this was key to Wolston’s survival. A few years ago, the local author Gillian Cross spearheaded a campaign – backed vociferously by the Wolston community – to keep the library open, and the Wolston villagers are rightly very proud to have participated in this successful campaign. In recent years the Children’s Centre area had lain dormant but in January 2023 we were able to have a successful refurbishment and now this area has been incorporated back into the library.

We decorated, added new furniture and a rug, had new lighting installed, made the Children’s Centre into a dedicated area for under-5s, and finally have been able to get a proper Teen and Local Studies area going! We are happy with how we’ve managed to transform such a small space and maximise it. Check out our lime green walls and blue end panels!

During lockdown, as with all libraries, Wolston was in and out of various iterations of Click & Collect and Grab & Go services but we are proud to say that we maintained our footfall figures and issues throughout the pandemic – this is testament both to the loyal community following that Wolston Library has, how important it is to the local area, and the top quality customer service provided by all the staff at Wolston.

We also recently were able to host eight Warm Welcome sessions on Thursday afternoons during our usual closed period, working with a volunteer from the Parish Council to provide refreshments, puzzles, and a friendly, warm place to sit. The Parish Council are deeply involved in the community, and we are looking forward to forging more links with them in the future.

Despite the challenges Wolston faces being single-staffed, we have been able to reinstate weekly Rhyme Times and have also brought back our IT Help sessions. We will reinstate Concessionary Travel appointments as soon as we can.

We also recently hosted a very successful school visit from the local primary, St. Margaret’s, for World Book Day.

Wolston Library is so important to the local community and continues to be at the heart of the village.

Check out some of the lovely customer comments:

“At an Early Years conference this week we had very positive feedback from a social worker there about the Children’s Centre space, how they are pleased it’s back, and the child-friendliness of Wolston Library. Well done everyone.”
“A warm, welcoming library and very helpful staff, whichever day. Well-displayed books and a good range of large print, talking books etc. Good selection of health topics displayed and helpful Dementia and other topics.”
“The blue end panels look lovely, as does the whole library now – love the lime green!”

What We Do

Rhyme Time
Every Wednesday at 2:30pm
We are very pleased to have been able to offer this. If we’re not able to staff it, usually the parents and carers are happy to have a go!

IT Help
Every Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Get help using a computer or your own device. Please book in advance.

Reading Group Collection
Wolston Reading Group collect their items from the library for each session

Take-Home Crafts for Children
Take-home craft activities during the school holidays

Lego Club
Every Saturday 11am-12noon
Imaginative and creative Lego sessions aimed at children and their parents, helped by a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer

Opening Hours

Monday2.30pm to 5pm
Tuesday2.30pm to 5pm
Wednesday2.30pm to 5pm
Thursday10.30am to 1pm
Friday10.30am to 1pm
Saturday10.30am to 1pm

We hope to see you very soon!

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and to check out our Eventbrite to find out what we’re getting up to and what events we have coming up soon!