Did you know that Warwickshire Libraries have a Music & Drama Collection comprising of approximately 60,000 items? The collection based at Nuneaton Library has a wide selection of music scores along with books on music from biographies to music theory, as well as play scripts and books on theatre and drama ranging from the history of theatre to how to stage your own production. 

2020 has shown just how important the arts are to our everyday wellbeing. Many people during lockdown picked up instruments that had been languishing in corners or lofts unused for many years and discovered a hidden talent or enjoyment for learning something new. Others found solace in listening to music for relaxation. 

There are many benefits of listening to or playing music for wellbeing. If you would like to discover more, why not request one of the following books or scores: 

‘Symphonies for the soul’ by Oliver Condy (due November 2021)  

‘Mindfulness: the piano collection’ (piano score)  

‘Play piano for well-being: a playlist of 30 uplifting piano solos’ (piano score) 

‘Year of wonder’ by Clemency Burton-Hill 

‘The art of mindful singing’ by Jeremy Dion  

‘Mindfulness in music’ by Mark Tanner  

If you are learning or relearning a new instrument, requesting one of the following scores may help with your progress: 

First 15 lessons: acoustic guitar First 15 lessons: bass guitar First 15 lessons: piano 

First 15 lessons: voice (pop singers’ edition)  First 15 lessons: banjo

Easy adult piano beginner’s course Me and my piano

First 50 songs you should play on the violin  First 50 songs you should play on the flute

First 50 Disney songs you should play on ukulele

There are lots more books and scores available via the library catalogue 

*TOP TIP* – if you are looking for music scores, include the word score in your search. 

For lovers of the theatre why not try requesting one of the following books sure to bring a smile: 

The Oxford book of theatrical anecdotes by Giles Brandreth 

Musicals: the definitive illustrated story

Break a leg: a memoir, manifesto and celebration of amateur theatre by Jenny Landreth 

Drama menu at a distance: 80 socially distanced or online theatre games by Glyn Trefor-Jones 

All people living or working in Warwickshire can join the library service and gain access to all the above and much more. So, if you would like to borrow music scores, play scripts or books about music and drama get in touch with your local library or visit the website. 

Calling all choirs, orchestras and play groups! 

If you are part of a group you may be interested in using the Music and Drama service to hire sets of scores for choirs and orchestras or sets of play scripts for play-reading and drama groups. We have in stock approximately 300 vocal sets, 500 sets of vocal sheet music, 400 orchestral sets and 1400 play sets. If you would like to use this service, or if you would like to set up a group, please see our website for further details. 

2020 has been a difficult year for groups where meeting up for rehearsals and performances in person came to a stop. Some ventured into the world of Zoom meetings with varying degrees of success. Now, with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, many groups are ‘tentatively’ starting to meet up again in person. Assessing the risks beforehand and putting safety measures in place will help to alleviate some of the nervousness expected with meeting up again.  Meeting up outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms will help to reduce risk. Some people may still want to shield, so to ensure everyone can be included perhaps try combining online and in-person meetings. Making Music has created a page of resources via their website for music groups starting up again, or planning to restart, so is well worth a visit for useful advice and information. 

We often receive recommendations from groups. The following play sets have been recommended by play groups as being particularly enjoyable or thought-provoking: 

A bunch of amateurs by Ian Hislop  Nice Fish by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins 

The moderate soprano by David Hare  Luna Gale by Rebecca Gilman 

Red Velvet by Lolita Chakrabarti 

Whatever your interest in the arts, be it as a participant or an observer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Warwickshire Libraries’ Music and Drama service is open and looking forward to welcoming you to its collections.