Our Digital Library has a number of online reference resources that are available to all Warwickshire Libraries members. Whether you’re looking for the answers for a crossword or Zoom quiz, helping the younger people in your family with homework or just curious about topics ranging from A to Z, there will be a resource available for you.

Today, we’re spotlighting Oxford Research Encyclopedias. This is a new addition to our Digital Library and joins our other Oxford Reference resources including the Oxford English Dictionary. You’ll find all the links you need here.

If you’re looking for reliable, up-to-date, and accurate resources, Oxford Research Encyclopedias is a good place to start. The resource brings together a collection of peer-reviewed articles from Oxford University Press. All articles are written by experts and the encyclopedias cover a range of topics from African History to Social Work, Classics to Climate Change.

If you’re accessing the eInformation sites that we subscribe to, such as the Oxford resources, you’ll need to reach them via our eInformation page. Click on the links and you’re almost there. For some sites, you may need to type ‘WARKS’ before your library card number (with no spaces) to sign in to the resource, for others, you can start searching.

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