Did you know that August 31 is ‘We Love Memoirs’ Day? What better way to celebrate this Day (albeit it a little late) than to take a quick trip through some biographies and autobiographies you can find on BorrowBox.

Many of us have a fascination with the lives of other people, especially celebrities, and finding out about their roots, their past experiences and how they managed their ‘journey’ can be both enlightening and fascinating.

With that in mind, here is a selection of recent biographies in eAudio to immerse yourself in. So, put the kettle on, sit back and slip into another world or two…

‘The Pianist of Yarmouk’ by Aeham Ahmad.

PRH_01736451_M_PRH_01736451_COVER_LARGEIn a poignant moment in this memoir, as Aeham and a friend pick their way through the rubble of the Damascus suburb they call home, he is compelled, there and then, to compose a song of hope on his piano.

The true story of a young pianist forced to flee from war torn Syria.

‘Alistair Cook – The Biography’ by Sir Alistair Cook

PRH_01826732_M_PRH_01826732_COVER_LARGEA riveting insight into the mind and character of one of England’s greatest opening batsmen. A role model for anyone contemplating a career in professional sport.

Also available as an eBook.

‘Not Your Average Nurse’ by Maggie Groff

BOL_068803_M_BOL_161432_COVER_LARGENovelist Maggie Groff shares experiences of her former career as a nurse which took her from London’s King’s College Hospital to nursing on a poor housing estate and eventually to a prestigious position as a nurse at Sydney Opera House. All this is set to a backdrop of the feminist movement, films, fashion and music of half a century ago.

‘Brit(ish)’ by Afua Hirsch.

PRH_01593795_M_PRH_01593795_COVER_LARGEBlending history, memoir and individual experiences, Afua Hirsch reveals the identity crisis at the heart of Britain today. Why, despite the fact that she was born and raised British with British parents, partner and friends, should the colour of her skin seem to make a difference? It asks searching questions about ingrained racism in 21st century Britain.

Also available as an eBook.

‘Spitfire Stories’ by Jacky Hyams

MOA_01498299_M_MOA_01498299_COVER_LARGEPublished in association with the Imperial War Museum and drawing on unparalleled archive material as well as exclusive first-hand interviews, ‘Spitfire Stories’ is a fascinating anthology of recollections from the heroes and heroines of the Second World War.

Also available as an eBook.

‘On Leopard Rock’ by Wilbur Smith

BON_01537131_M_BON_01537131_COVER_LARGEThe first memoir of the bestselling adventure thriller writer, here he shares the extraordinary true stories that have inspired his own work. From deadly encounters with lions and sharks, escapades in the African Bush and goldmines, to fishing with Lee Marvin and near death in a plane crash.

‘Letters of Note: Love’ – compiled by Shaun Usher

CGA_01861073_M_CGA_01861073_COVER_LARGEIn ‘Letters of Note: Love’, Shaun Usher gathers together some of the most powerful messages of love ever composed including many famous names. Whether inspired by love’s first blush or the recriminations at its ending, the regrets of unrequited feelings and the joys of passions known, this is a striking literary collection.

You’ll also find this one available as an eBook and a similar title called ‘Letters of Note: War’ available on eAudio and as an eBook. For the cat lovers out there, there is also ‘Letters of Note: Cats’ available on eBook.

‘Hunting Killers’ by Mark Williams-Thomas

PRH_01805363_M_PRH_01805363_COVER_LARGEThe memoirs of a man dedicated to justice, a former police detective and multi-award-winning investigative journalist. At the centre of some of the most high-profile investigations of recent years involving killers and paedophiles, Williams-Thomas reveals how he pieced together these complex cases.

‘Double Crossed’ by Brian Wood

PRH_01791242_M_PRH_01791242_COVER_LARGEIn this absorbing memoir, former British soldier, Brian Wood, speaks movingly about the three battles in his life, from being ambushed with no cover in Iraq, to the mental battle to adjust at home with PTSD, to being falsely accused of hideous war crimes. Although it is a story that ends with his honour restored, it was as he says, too little too late.

‘Staunch’ by Eleanor Wood

HUA_01773149_M_HUA_01773149_COVER_LARGEIn her efforts to find herself, Eleanor Wood finds unlikely salvation through a holiday in India with her octogenarian nan and two great aunts. From them, she learns how to be staunch in the face of adversity; an unhappy childhood, disastrous relationships, a breakdown and therapy just some of the obstacles against her.

Also available on eBook.

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