Who doesn’t like a Reading Challenge?

Well, actually me! It’s not the reading part that I struggle with it is the forcing me out of my comfort zone, yes, I read a million books and I read them fast, but as soon as I’m told to read a book, well lets just say it goes in ‘the pile.’

You know the pile of which I speak, the very fact that it is in ‘the pile’ means that it has been relegated to never being read as there is ALWAYS (always) something better that comes along and demands to be read immediately.

Having said all of that, I am really excited about THIS Reading Challenge as there are no 9781449410247set books that you have to read, instead, it challenges you to fit the criteria with a book of your choice. There are no real rules – which is part of the fun, you can justify your choices, if you so wish or you can be as enigmatic as a cat and keep quiet!

Speaking of cats – one of the challenges is to read a book that a cat would approve of so I really do encourage you to be creative with this one and definitely, definitely send us your pictorial evidence, as there really is nothing better than cat pictures (cats with books are an added bonus.) We are on Twitter @warkslibraries and our Reading Challenge hashtag is #WarksRC

Mario Puzo (2)I probably ought to tell you a bit more about the challenge now that I have rambled on for a bit! 

There are 25 challenges for you to complete which means in theory, 25 books to read; you’ll note I said in theory as we have already had some people recognise that potentially one book might fit two or three of these criteria!

Regardless of whether you’re a rule follower or a rules are fluid type of person, we want to get you excited about reading again and importantly having a conversation about it. We have a Facebook Reading Challenge Group which we would love for you to join and be part of the conversation. As part of the group you will be able to leave reviews, update your progress, ask for recommendations and chat with like minded people about books and reading.

We will be posting reading ideas and lists on our library catalogue pages as well as social media but there are not set books that you have to read, you can choose your own or ask others for ideas.

Going back to my earlier conversation about reading outside comfort zones, this Mario Puzo (3)challenge will hopefully help you broaden your reading horizons and perhaps discover a new author or genre that you never would have considered before.

For some people 25 books may seem a lot (I have to confess my colleagues talked me down from 50!) For others 25 may seem a breeze, especially if you, like me, are a prolific reader – however, the challenge does, hopefully make you think and consider more carefully your reading choices. I am hoping that the power of conversation motivates us to read titles that others have read and that we find intriguing.

The challenge is also a great way to celebrate your reading achievement because even if it tempts you to read just one book when you wouldn’t normally then that is a win. Some of you may read one or two, choosing the challenges that appeal and that’s fantastic, remember to let us know!

For those of you keen to chomp through the challenges, rest assured that plans are afoot for new challenges next year and you can always send us a message and ask for some bonus challenges!

It would be great to know which challenges you like and which you are not looking forward to and of course any challenges that you would suggest – do leave a comment below, or join the Facebook group and start a conversation…

Copy of Come on a Reading Adventure with us... (8).png

I thought it would be fun to end this with 13 recommendations but not tell you which challenges they’re for! You can then have a guess in the comments or on Facebook and I may or may not reveal the truth!

Here goes:

  1. Big Stone Gap Adrian Trigiani
  2. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein Kiersten White (eAudio)
  3. NOS4A2 Joe Hill
  4. A Brief History of Seven Killings Marlon James
  5. Twilight Stephenie Meyer
  6. The Pisces Melissa Broder (eAudio)
  7. The Necronomicon H.P. Lovecraft
  8. The Wolf and the Watchman Niklas Natt
  9. La Belle Sauvage Philip Pullman
  10. The Fifth Season N.K. Jemisin
  11. The Song of Achilles Madeline Miller
  12. Catch 22 Joseph Heller
  13. Scythe Neal Shusterman (eBook)

Why 13? It’s my favourite number of course! That was actually quite tricky, I don’t mind saying – let me know what you think of my choices and whether you have read any of these titles. I have read some but not all so can you guess which ones? I definitely included the book I lied about reading…

Please do take part in this Reading Challenge and keep us up to date with your progress, I look forward to chatting with you all in the comments and on Facebook.

Happy Reading!