It’s results time and for many, this and next week will mean finding out what comes next after getting A-Level or GCSE results. Whether you’re off to college or uni, going to explore the world or starting to look for a job, we have a variety of free resources available for you as a Warwickshire Libraries member. We thought that we would take you through some of the books on our shelves geared to helping with these next big steps and some of the resources and services that might help you.

Going to University

Whatever course you may be doing, there are some experiences that all students will likely have when embarking on their university career. If it’s the first time living away from home, cooking and looking after a home and yourself, both in terms of physical safety and mental well-being can be a daunting prospect. You can find lots of books to help with these tasks on our catalogue but here are a few highlights:


A newly published series called ‘Student Well-being’ has many of these topics covered in short and handily pocket sized books. ‘Staying Safe and Well‘ and ‘Resourcefulness‘ share useful tips on adjusting to uni life, finding your feet and planning your studies. They offer information on where to go for help if times get tough and guidance on keeping yourself well both physically and mentally. Other titles in this series include ‘Depression‘ and ‘Anxiety‘ – all full of useful information on how to live life, help those around you and get the most out of the university experience.

Stuff Students Should Know‘ does what it says on the cover. From how to put out a kitchen fire (I hope you never need that one) to how to use your spare time, how to pick a fancy dress outfit and how to finish your dissertation, the bite size tips and advice in this book will prove invaluable. The illustrations are quite funny too!

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If you need to expand your cookery skills to ensure you live on more than just boiled eggs and pasta for the time you’re at university then look no further than our cookery section (641). We have lots of books full of easy, cheap and straightforward recipes to make sure you eat nutritiously and fully in your student accommodation. We particularly like the ‘365 Student Cookbook‘ by Jo McAuley, ‘From Pasta to Pancakes‘ by Tiffany Goodall and Claire Peters and ‘ The Really Hungry Student Cookbook‘, ‘Really Hungry Vegetarian Student Cookbook‘ and ‘Hungry  Student Vegan Cookbook‘. 

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As well as all the fun university can be, there is some hard work involved too and writing essays and assignments can be tough. Look through our 400s and 800s non-fiction sections to find guides to writing. Essay writing guides may prove useful, as will books about completing coursework and exams. If you’re looking for information, don’t forget to look through the many e-resources on our ‘Information and Learning‘ page,  You’ll need your library card number to log in to them but there’s dictionaries, Oxford Shorts and many other useful sources available at your fingertips including ‘Access to Research’ (you’ll need to use a library computer for this one to find journal articles and research). You’ll also need to cite your sources so ‘Cite Them Right‘ will become your bible (trust me, I am just finishing off my dissertation and it is the book I have used the most during my studies)  


If you’re coming to the University of Warwick or Coventry University, or starting at any of our local colleges, welcome! You can join Warwickshire Libraries for free (join online or pop into your local library with proof of your Warwickshire address and staff will arrange your membership). You’ll then have access to our stock and while we may not have the advanced level textbooks you require for your courses, we have lots of reading ideas suggestions for you. You’ll be able to request books from other Warwickshire Libraries using our catalogue and your library card will work in any Warwickshire Library. If you borrow a book, it can also be returned to any Warwickshire Library.

You can also use our libraries to study in. We have free Wifi (ask a member of staff how to access it) and study tables, though sometimes these are limited in each library and can get very busy so have a chat with staff to find out about the situation in your local library.

Exploring the World

You may be heading off on a gap year of travel instead of entering university straight away. If you are, we have books that can help you plan. Our travel sections will give you lots of ideas of places to go to and individual titles such as ‘The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget‘ or ‘The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget‘ should help with your planning.

If you’re looking for some light relief, try ‘Don’t tell mum: hair-raising messages home from gap-year travellers‘ to find out how to avoid the pitfalls of travelling or if you need some inspiration, try ‘Around the world in 80 novels‘ – a look at the places novels have been set in and places you could include on your itinerary.

Looking for a job

You’ll find lots of advice on our shelves to help you compile your CV, write covering letters and what to say when you’re invited to an interview. Well-established favourites such as ‘The 7 second CV‘, and guides such as ‘How to find the career you’ve always wanted‘ and ‘Where am I going and can I have a map?’ will guide you on the paths you’ll be taking into your future. Equally, ‘Crap CVs‘ will show you how not to do it!

When you have that interview, make sure you prep well – find out about the role you’ve applied for, do your research and have a look at ‘Great answers to tough interview questions‘ to get yourself ready.

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If you’re looking to start your own business, you’ll also find lots of help in our business sections from how to write a business plan to promoting and marketing. If you fancy seeing yourself on Dragon’s Den or becoming the next Elon Musk, have a browse of the 650s in our adult non-fiction sections.

Adult learners

Of course, you don’t have to have just had your results to be embarking on a new path. You may be thinking you’d like to learn some new skills, try a new language or take up a course of study. Have a look at what our colleagues in Adult Learning and Training have on offer here – you might just find something of interest. Our ‘Information and Learning’ page mentioned above also gives you a link to ‘Duolingo’ and a number of other avenues to try if you’re looking for inspiration.

However your results went this week or go next week, well done and good luck in your future.

We hope to see you in one of our libraries – staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about what you can find in your library. Come and see us soon!