I wonder how many of you listen to audio books again and again like I re-read my favourite series?

In my household, the voice of Stephen Fry has been integrated almost seamlessly into everyday life –  my son listens to the Harry Potter series on rotation almost constantly! We do, of course, remonstrate with him about this behaviour but it seems that in this war of attrition we have slowly (lost) lapsed into a world where we suddenly notice half way through dinner that we are back in Hogwarts castle! I should say that listening is not an issue at all, rather the sneaking of the story into the dining room, the car, the bath, the game night… you get the idea!

I am almost certain that Stephen Fry and Harry Potter are my son’s comfort blanket and I think we all live in hope that this phase will pass! Not the story part, or the love of the Potterverse but the audio repetition. Having said that, I really do love that his comfort blanket of choice is a literary universe and that every time he listens to the books he hears something new and wants to discuss this with us.

It was only when I was writing about this that I realised that my son is not the only one in the household that repeatedly listens to the same stories over and over again. My partner likes to listen to the complete tales of HP Lovecraft over and over and I have never understood this. I listen very differently to my reading – I’m very much a ‘listen once and move on’ type of person.

So, we’ve established a pattern of listening. You would be forgiven for thinking that there’s not actually a great deal of variety in what we listen to, but that isn’t true as my son likes to listen to two audio books at once, one in the morning and one in the evening and my partner works from home and has all day to listen (and work hard…)

What do we listen to?

Aside from HP my son has enjoyed:

The Worst Witch    Alex Rider     The Magical Misfits

Bear Grylls Adventures   Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat

He does like to listen to the book he has just read straight after reading it, if it is available on audio but he also enjoys the freedom of choosing his next listen through the Borrowbox app.

Grown up Recommends:


I must admit that my audio heart lies with Young Adult fiction generally, hence my recent listens above.

Interestingly I had only read one of these before listening and if you’re a good and dutiful blog reader you’ll remember from a previous post which one that is!

The Gentlemans Guide to Vice and Virtue         All The Crooked Saints

City of Bones

To temper my fiction fantastic mentality, I have my partner who is clearly Captain Sensible when it comes to his listening (I say that with a huge sense of irony as any follower of Lovecraft is obviously a mad cultist)

Science and Philosophy, my friends, is the way to his heart and he likes nothing more than to listen to such delights as:



I am currently listening to Sapiens by Yuval Harari myself and this is so we do have some common bookish ground and can discuss matters other than which spell causes confusion or how to say ‘Toad in the Hole’ in Parseltongue over the dinner table!

What next?

These are all titles that intrigue me – who wouldn’t want to hear about the secret life of cows? I have a theory that owls might be in control of the universe so we’ll have to see what this book has to say about that.The Salt Path is one of those books that I would never read but enough people have recommended that I am willing to give a listen!!!

The Secret Life of Cows

The Salt Path

The secret Life of the Owl

If I were to guess which stories my son will choose next I would say:


All of these are available from BorrowBox they may or may not be on loan, depending on the accuracy of my predictions!

BOL_069222_M_BOL_170704_COVER_LARGEAnd for the science obsessed cultist? I don’t think he will be listening to Young Adult fantasy any time soon but I think he will enjoy:

Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry (although he probably will just think he is listening to Harry Potter,          again). Next I would say, Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, if he hasn’t listened to it already.


I hope you have enjoyed your foray into my listening adventures – do any of you have a favourite listen? Or perhaps you too, feel like Stephen Fry is one of the family?

Do have a poke about in BorrowBox and see what you can find on eAudio – I love the fact that I can listen to something totally random and out of character for me.

Happy reading, listening and all that come between.