Did you know that as a Warwickshire Libraries member, you can get free access to the GoCitizen website? Don’t know what GoCitizen is all about? Well, for anyone needing to study and practice for the British citizenship test, it’s the website to go to!

Adam Phillips from Well Informed, the company behind GoCitizen tells us more about the service;

Taking the test can be a daunting prospect for anyone hoping to settle in Britain. It’s why we created GoCitizen.co.uk, an online service available from Warwickshire Libraries, which features a host of features that will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the test.

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GoCitizen offers an online version of the latest official study materials licensed from the Home Office, the people who write the official handbook.

We’ve also included hundreds of practice test questions in the same format as used in the official tests. It means you can really get to know how the test works so when you take it, the test won’t feel unknown or intimidating. We’ve also created a series of additional learning games to help you understand and remember the more challenging aspects of the test.

To make our service as accessible as possible, we also offer remote access to GoCitizen so you can use it once you’ve returned home. Finally, we understand that a huge diversity of different people want to come to Britain and settle here – it’s why we offer translation support for over 60 languages to ensure no matter where you’re from, our platform is tailored to you and your language needs.

Adam Phillips (Well Informed, the company behind GoCitizen)

Sign up to the GoCitizen service for free at Warwickshire Libraries to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the Life in the UK/British citizenship test.

Visit your nearest library where staff will be happy to help you sign up.

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