Do you need a reason to join a Book Group?

If you do, then here are some from Warwickshire’s wonderful Book Groups, who responded to the questions:

What are the benefits of belonging to a Book group?

What do you love about Warwickshire Libraries’ Reading Group Service?

A chance to read books outside the genres one normally chooses. One of our members never read fiction before joining the group , but he does now

Hearing  what others not only thought of the book we have all read, but how they interpreted parts of the book

A chance to spend a pleasant morning in good company, talking about something we all enjoy

Have become more confident in expressing our varied opinions

Enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of the group

Helps  to keep your mind working. Retention of content and discussion with others, must develop one’s intellect

Particularly good for people of retirement age

Enables you to forget your own everyday life stresses for a while

It may even encourage you to attempt writing a book yourself

And a very personal comment :

I moved to the area 18 months ago and did not know anyone. I had previously belonged to a book group in Hampshire for many years and missed it. I am no expert, but decided to try and start one in Churchover (population around 300). 

A year later and 10 of us meet at our village bar once a month to discuss our chosen book.

Lastly, we asked up and running groups:

what’s great about Warwickshire Libraries Reading Group Service?

Extensive list of books which is frequently updated

Free service

Staff are always helpful and friendly

We are very grateful to the library for providing sets of books for us to read

Ordering books is a very straightforward process.

The range of choice is wide enough to indulge all of us.

So, book groups  are good for your health and wellbeing,

If you are thinking of setting up or joining a book group – go for it!

Are you a member of a book group? Thinking of starting your own?  – check out our website for more information or read some of our previous posts for reading inspiration.