Back to School

Well, it’s back to school time for the kids, and families everywhere get back into the
new normal of morning routines, packed lunches and homework. Within just a few
weeks, the long summer days of sunshine, picnics, pyjama days and movie
afternoons will be a distant memory.

One thing I have always believed is how important reading is to my children’s
education. Books grow so many skills in children such as vocabulary, spelling,
comprehension and stamina, all of which help them with their school work and
develop into successful learners.

And this is such a popular held belief, that schools feature reading as a major part of
their pupils’ lives. Teachers encourage reading at every opportunity and all children
have a reading schedule that they follow throughout their school lives. However, it’s important that even as the kids go back to school that we keep reading fun. If reading becomes just another thing they should do, like eat their greens, complete their sums for homework, or tidy their bedrooms, a necessary task to help them be better people, then we are in danger of our children missing the point of reading altogether.

Books and stories are a foundational form of relaxation and enjoyment for human
beings. In fact, reading as a form of relaxation can be just as therapeutic as
meditation. How many of us read to help us unwind just before bed, relax with a
good book in the bath or look forward to chilling out with those summer reads when
we go on holiday? Our children must understand that we read for pleasure. That although reading is part of their school work it is also fun. One way to do this is to provide books that engage the fun centres of our children’s brains. Boys are often reluctant readers and commonly have a preference towards non-fiction or comic books. Kids like stories they can relate to, which have characters who are funny, brave, quirky or adventurous. Find out what books are your children’s favourites and keep them reading for pleasure this autumn.

Some popular children’s books:

The Jam Doughnut that Ruined my Life – Mark Lowery

Lego Harry Potter Building the Magical World – Elizabeth Dowsett

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Francesca Favilli

The Parent Agency – David Baddiel

Dick and Dom’s Whoopee Book of Practical Jokes