If you were lucky enough to go down to Wellesbourne Library on Friday 10th  August, you would have been in for a BIG surprise. There were teddies. Lots and lots of teddies.


My name’s Boogie (I’m named after David Walliams’ marvellous
creation) and I’m a Book Bear. You can get me or a bear just like me if you take part in the Library Book Bear scheme on offer at Warwickshire Libraries…But that’s a whole other story.

I’m here to tell you about my latest adventure. So grab yourselves some honey sandwiches (yum, yum – my favourite) and I will fill you in on what I got up to with some of my new friends  when we had the WHOLE library to ourselves.

It was a Friday like many others – cold, raining, miserable. My honey sandwiches had started to go soggy when I saw something that brightened my day – the arrival of the first of my new friends, Horsey.  As Horsey made his way to the Library desk and sat next to me, I knew that this was not going to be an ordinary Friday. Horsey appeared to have a suitcase with him, which I thought a bit confusing.
I tentatively asked him what was inside…
“My pyjamas, of course!” he neighed.
“Your pyjamas!? Why do you need your pyjamas for a trip to the library?” I laughed. I’ve been living in Wellesbourne Library for a long time now and I know for a fact that you don’t need to put your nightwear on to borrow books.
“For the sleepover! The good news is I also managed to sneak some mushrooms in my suitcase, too.” He smiled at me with his big horsey-teeth.
Sleepover? What was he talking about? And horses don’t eat mushrooms!
I was about to question his choice of dietary requirements further when we were joined by a cheery-looking rabbit, also carrying a suitcase.

“HI GUYS! My name’s Rat the Rabbit. I’m here for the sleepover…” Rat started bouncing up and down in excitement. Sleepover? What was this sleepover everyone kept talking about?
Before I could ask Rat what he meant, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen appeared before my very eyes. It was like something from a dream…Pink, furry and with the most sparkly horn a unicorn has ever possessed. Her name was Elsa and I fell a little in love with her (but don’t tell anyone, especially not Horsey because he keeps teasing me about it…)
“Hello, hello, hello! My name’s Elsa and I’m so excited to be spending the night in the library! Can someone show me to my room?” She fluttered her long unicorn lashes at me.
“We don’t have a room! We’re spending the night in the library!” Horsey replied, whilst doing an excited gallop.
“I can’t wait to be let loose in the children’s section. I really hope they have a copy of Watership Down” Rat the rabbit squeaked.
“You mean you’re all spending the night here? In the library? With me!?” It sounded too exciting to believe.
“We certainly are! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.” Elsa started swishing her unicorn tail around which made me blush just a little.

We were quickly joined by lots of other new friends, including Hamley Bear, Snowy, Peter Rabbit, Hoppy Boppy, Emily, Spotty, Sleeping Bear, Barnaby and Scruffy Rabbit. I couldn’t wait to show everyone around, but we all knew that as soon as the library doors closed,  the fun would really begin…

The DINNNNNGGG sound of the alarm marked the leaving of the library staff for the night. I knew this was my cue to give everyone a guided tour and have some fun (and to find Rat that copy of Watership Down he kept pestering me for).
The first thing that we got up to was a classic game of Scrabble. I do love a good triple word score.

Triple word scores aplenty

Hoppy Boppy couldn’t understand why we had a game of Scrabble in the library.

“Aren’t libraries for books? Not games?” he wondered. What Hoppy Boppy didn’t know was that we have a Games Afternoon at the library every Friday afternoon from 2pm – which meant lots of board games for us to play! We had a fantastic time, until Scruffy Rabbit got too competitive and grumpy when he didn’t win. I think he was over-tired…

We couldn’t find Watership Down but I showed Rat how he could access the library catalogue online and order a copy in for his human to read to him.

Finding your next read is easy!

Then I thought I’d surprise the two ladies that work in the library on a Saturday and do some shelving for them. That way they could spend ten minutes with a coffee and their feet up when they came into work the next day…
I showed the others where the books needed to go when they are returned and what order they should go in. I even helped Sleeping Bear with his alphabet (every Library Bear should know their alphabet…) I wanted the library to look super-tidy when all of the humans arrived to collect their teddies the next day.

Elsa and Rat help with shelving

Hoppy Boppy asked if he could have a go at using the library scanner so I dug out my library card and let him have a little play on the computers (just don’t tell the staff…) Just as he was checking out a book, I heard a massive CRASH. Uh-Oh. I hurried in to the back room, worried about what I would find. Was it Elsa? Was she OK?
It turns out I needn’t have worried…It was just Snowy. He’d found the library’s Lego and decided to tip it out EVERYWHERE. I told him he needed to make sure he put it all away when he had finished (although I don’t think he did as I’m still finding bits of Lego-person scattered underneath the tables.)

All this excitement made us very hungry, so we decided to set up our picnic. It was delicious…The honey sandwiches were like nothing I’d ever eaten before. We had all the required food-groups for a sleepover; cakes, biscuits and chocolate (oh, and Horsey’s mushrooms.)
It was getting way past bedtime by the time we had demolished all of our sleep-over treats, and Sleeping Bear offered to read us a bedtime story. We chose the classic ‘We’re Going on a Bear-Hunt’ and all joined in with the sound effects (‘swishy swashing’ through the grass, ‘splish sploshing’ in the river’)
By now there was A LOT of yawning, so we decided to get into our pyjamas and call it a night. I dreamt about mushroom-eating horses and beautiful unicorns…

Morning arrived all too quickly and it was time for my new friends to be picked up by their non-furry humans. We had all had a wonderful time but I know everyteddy was glad to see their Mums and Dads. We have all promised to get together again as soon as we can (and Rat will be in next week to collect his copy of Watership Down…)

Home time!