I’ve always had a fascination with cowboys – I don’t know what it is as I’m scared of horses (I cried when I sat on one while pony trekking as an adult) and I don’t particularly like dirt or the outside if we’re being honest. When I got the chance to study abroad as part of my degree, I chose the University of Wyoming – if that’s not cowboy country, I don’t know what is and their American Football team is called ‘The Cowboys’! As luck would have it though, other than seeing cowboys from afar at a rodeo, I didn’t get near a ranch.

Still, there’s always been a fascination with cowboys and, actually, I know what it is – it’s the romance of a strong Stetson-wearing cowboy charging in on his horse, sweeping me off my feet and riding us off into the sunset. There. I’ve said it! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a book with a female character so wimpy that they can’t do anything – they have to be strong willed too – but a rugged cowboy with a heart of gold can get me every time. It’s the escapism of reading about a story so totally unlike real life that gets me and yes, that means the odd Mills and Boon romance:

Unwrapping the Rancher’s Secret

Western Spring Weddings

Guardian Cowboy 

So when I saw the book for the ‘Big Library Read’ is a cowboy version of Pride and Prejudice – ‘Cowboy Pride’ by Lacey Williams, well, I downloaded the Libby app quicker than you can say ‘Yee Ha’!


What’s the ‘Big Library Read’ I hear you ask? Well, during the week starting Monday 9th July and up until the 23rd, one of our e-Book suppliers, OverDrive, via their Libby app, is inviting borrowers to all download and read the same book. Getting the app is easy – there are instructions on our website: and you can borrow the copy for 3 weeks – plenty of time to enjoy the wilds and romance of what looks like an ideal read (for me, anyway).

If e-Books (or Mills and Boon) aren’t your thing, we have lots of Westerns in our libraries – Black Horse Westerns can be found on our shelves (a few of our highlights are below).

The Gunman and The Angel

Western Union

The Legend of Link Bonner

Or you could try some of these suggestions:

Butcher’s Crossing  (there is a buffalo on the cover!)

The Sisters Brothers

Close Range

I hope you enjoy some of these gun-slinging suggestions. I love a truly escapist read and delving into the world of the Wild West must surely be one of the most elaborate! As the Dixie Chicks sing ‘Cowboy, take me away’ and that’s why I love the odd cowboy read! Saddle up!