It’s a drizzly, grey afternoon at Wolston Library, and it is many children’s favourite time of the week –  Rhyme Time!

The pillows are arranged in a circle around a box full of noisy toys and instruments meant especially for tiny hands, either side of the pillows are shelves full of beautiful children’s picture books, which will no doubt be rummaged through in the next hour or so.

Our Rhyme Time leader today is Jeannette. You can tell how much she loves to run these activities because she can’t keep herself from engaging conversation with every toddler who comes up to her. She finds herself on the rough end of a deal when a little boy wants to swap his acquired shaker for her rather nice tambourine. Poor Jeannette.

The sun has come out just as we start, it’s lighting up all the raindrops on the window so they look like little diamonds. You can smell the rain on the pavement as the last few stragglers come in.  Jeannette starts with our classic “Hello everyone” to get things swinging.

Untitled design (4)There’s giggling and screaming and chattering of excitable children, one has made a break for the door three or four times and now mom has her clamped firmly in her arms. No more jailbreaks for this kid.

We love Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Grand Old Duke of York.


Row, Row, Row your boat always gets energetic with the splashing and roaring and shivering…

But we all know what we’re really waiting for.

Our final song, If you’re Happy and You Know It – always accompanied by everyone’s favourite part, the BUBBLES! There are squeals of delight as everyone attempts to catch the elusive bubbles, sadly no-one manages to catch a whole bubble, but it’s fun trying.

Everyone stays after the songs have finish to chat and browse the books, you have to remember to take home more stories til next time!

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Do you have a favourite Rhyme Time memory or nursery rhyme that get’s stuck in your head? Let us know in the comments.