As part of W.F.Howes’ Love Audio Week they’ve asked some of their team tell you what they love about audiobooks, and what they enjoy most about working in the industry.
Rachel Gregory is the Acquisitions Editor​ for W.F.Howes’ QUEST Imprint.

Why do you like audio as a format?

As the acquisitions editor of our digital-only audiobook imprint QUEST, I’m responsible for acquiring rights to new titles and seeing them through the publication process. This puts me in direct contact with authors as well as literary agents, publishers and studios – no two days are ever the same. I also work closely with retailers’ merchandising teams and our in-house marketing department to secure prominent positioning for titles on my list. Being an audiobook editor is an end-to-end role, which makes it very satisfying. It also means I can help to give my audiobooks the best chance of reaching the widest possible audience.

What do you do in a typical day?

I work on new rights deals, assess manuscripts and liaise with the studio team about casting the perfect actors (we take authors’ comments on board and do our best to find someone who fits with the voice they have in mind). In addition, I present my titles to retailers’ sales teams – we chat to them every month to pitch our future list. As an editor, I oversee all creative decisions to do with each audiobook. This involves everything from narration to cover design, as well as securing merchandising placements, marketing activities, and everything else in between.

What do you love about working in audio?

Audio brings books to life in a way that reading in more ‘analogue’ ways can’t. Nothing brings that home to me more than hearing an actor who’s perfectly matched for a title. A prime example is Emmy Rose who narrated Big Sexy Love, which I’m listening to at the moment. She’s the ideal voice for the story and the reviews have been emphatic. There’s no feeling quite like seeing a book that you knew had audio potential, being enjoyed by consumers.

What I’m Listening To…


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