Just in case you’d like a little taste of what village library life is like, let me describe to you a beautiful Saturday morning in Wolston Library.

It’s gorgeously sunny but the sun hasn’t quite hit my windows yet, unlike the bees, of which I’ve had three hit my windows so far this morning. Two big and beautiful white-tailed bumblebees and a honeybee by the looks of it, how sad I can’t invite them in for a book and a biscuit but they really did seem rather busy.


I had to play Vivaldi’s Spring to myself as I was preparing to open up the library, it just fit in so nicely with the birdsong and slow lazy cars going back and forth on the road near here. I think there’s actually been more horses than cars go past so far, it’s nice to hear their hooves on the road with the chatter of their riders going past.

Inside my library is quiet, I’ve got 6 people working quietly in the computer area, and a guide dog sitting and guarding the new book display whilst her owner wanders through the general fiction selection. The dog’s name is Susie and she is quite old and slow and was absolutely thrilled when a little girl came, she went to meet her and get a pat on the head.

The shelves are in order, the posters advertising events, clubs and local services are up to date. The delivery has been processed, including all the exciting new stock which is now ready to greet everyone who enters the library on the New Books display (it’s our most popular spot)

I’m half way through a book (Bird Box Josh Malerman)  which is calling me from my backpack, but I should probably check my reservations list…


MC Beaton Death of a Village

Lucy Daniels Springtime at Wildacre

Martin Wainwright The English Village

Harriet Cummings We All Began as Strangers

Jacqueline Yallop Dreamstreets

Veronica Henry A Country Life