The Travelling Book Monsters.

I’ll let you into a secret… there are 3 monsters inhabiting our green and pleasant Warwickshire. Hopefully the information below will help you spot one.

Each of the monsters has an owner; an amiable, approachable, human one.  He is kind and checks his outside for damage every day and feeds the monster now again at a strange building with pipes and no walls.  The monster is very vain, so the human cleans him regularly so the world can see his fabulous markings.

On the whole, the monster and the human are friendly to each other.  Unfortunately, the monster does not always cooperate which frustrates the human greatly.   Sometimes when it is cold, the monster does not wake up and the human has no option but to rather cruelly zap the monster in to life.  When the monster is really poorly, the human takes the monster to see tool wielding humans dressed in onesies.  These humans poke, prod and change parts of monster that monster was quite fond of.  Monster is always pleased to leave this place and has become very wary of onesies.

The owners take the monster out for a walk every day to different parts of Warwickshire; this is what the monsters live for. The Monsters are creatures of habit so they like to go on the same walk once every 3 weeks.  The walks have be timed to perfection so that the monsters spends just the right amount of time at each place.   

The monsters have only one passion in life, and that is eating children.  Oh no, sorry, two passions in life…eating children and reading books.  Eating children is seasonal hobby for the Monsters as the children’s owners seem to lock them up behind green bars all day long.  The monster’s wait patiently for the summer when there seems to be an abundance of children to eat.

Let’s get back to the books. Their love for books is so great that they carry 1500 books around with them at all times, as well as computer to keep track of them (very poor memory you see). What is great is that the owners kindly supply new books to the monsters regularly so they don’t get bored.  

Whilst the Monsters enjoy reading on their own, they have found that they really enjoy sharing their reading hobby with humans.  So much so, the monsters started doing something really out of the monster box – in the 1950’s they started  lending their books to humans!  This kindness has resulted in the humans coming back for more and then more again.  The monsters now lend books to 2000 people across Warwickshire.  This success has gone to the Monsters heads and they have become cocky. They now even request books from other libraries to lend out on their walks and have been known to suggest new books to humans.    

So, when you are out and about in Warwickshire, keep an eye out for one of our monsters.  If any of you budding monster spotters need a hand, you can find your nearest travelling book monster here: