I’m always very keen to use the New Year as a way to improve my life and myself.

Normally I pick out habits I want to kick or start and something I want to achieve.

Last year I gave myself the very open ended goal of “Read More” I started a blog so I could keep track, and I logged every single book I read from cover to cover on it.

I am very proud, in 2017 so far I’ve managed to read 60+ titles, both fiction and non-fiction. This New Year, I want to take it further – I want to read 100 books by 2019.

That’s just under 2 books a week.

This seems insane as a working, single mother but I’m going to try!

I’m going to blog everything on my personal blog as well as maybe doing some catch up blog posts once a month for this page, tagging everything under #ReadingResolution.

I would love for our customers and staff to join me, maybe pledge a certain number of books this year, #useyourlibrary to read as many as possible and enjoy the feeling of success and achievement when you reach your target!

So what were the highlights of L-B’s reading highlights of 2017?

This year I was quite proud of reading A Brief History of Time and finally getting  around to reading The Virgin Suicides and Fight Club, which were all library books 🙂

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9780099765219 9780099765219