It is an interesting exercise to review a “classic” book, as they are so well known generally, and have been reviewed and read hundreds of times.

However, no one has read them all, and even if they have, it is good to re-visit an old book, as often, opinions change and memories play tricks.

And of course, just because they are considered “the best”, we don’t all have to agree!


Pride & Prejudice  by Jane Austen, has been read by the group at Scholar’s Court in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Here is their review:

“Pride & Prejudice proved an excellent choice for our book group. Some members had read it before, and others had never read it. Some knew it from film and TV adaptations, and were pleased to read the original and form their own images directly from the text.

It generated a lot of discussion because members appreciated different aspects of the book, generating a variety of thoughts and opinions.

Readers enjoyed the intricate plot, the number and variety of characters, and the way the book, though fiction, seems to represent a slice of England’s social history. We discussed aspects of social class, marriage and parenthood, women’s roles, financial dependency, etiquette and manners, and the practicalities of life at that time.

Much discussion revolved around the lively characters and their interactions, and the way the story panned out. We also liked it because it has a happy ending!

Some readers found it a bit of a struggle to read, because it is a long book, and the use of language can be demanding. Many paragraphs and sentences are intricately constructed and demand a bit of effort on the reader’s part, and some of the English has an archaic feel about it.

Overall view is “ very good” and would recommend it for the quality of the writing, and the way the book triggers a variety of ideas for discussion.”

 Many thanks Scholars Court, for this excellent review.



Chatter Book Club at Hartshill Community Library, have read The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot.

“The book created a good discussion, especially about the style and content of the writing. It is very descriptive, and the use of local dialect caused some issues, but most of the group persevered with it, although some who were short of time , had to “speed read” some elements of it !

How did she manage to write so much, encompassing social history, prejudices, emotion, descriptions of everything else?

If you like social history, this is the book for you. Although it may need to be read several times to get the best value from it. A great study worthy of a literary subject. You just need plenty of energy and time to read it to get it’s full potential 

Overall view is “very good”.”

 This my very favourite “ classic” book. Who could not love Tom and Maggie Tulliver, and follow them from childhood?  A wonderful book, set in the heart of the Midlands. Do read it.


What classic read would you recommend? Do you have a favourite?

Post author: JD