Experiencing some stress and/or anxiety during exam time (and then again when it’s time to collect the results), is something almost all students have to go through. Under the right circumstances, stress can even help us unleash our full potential. There are levels and types of stress, however, that are just frustrating, exhausting and unhealthy.

Warwickshire libraries take mental health awareness very seriously, and understand the need for self-help resources at any time of your life, for instance during your time at school, College or University. That is why you will find many books to support you on our shelves. Two very important collections, in particular, deserve a mention:

  • Sorted! in the Young Adult sections
  • Reading Well, Books on prescription in the Adult sections.

Both these collections are designed to assist people quickly identify relevant self-help resources. The sticker on the cover of each book will make it easy for you to spot, and you can always ask a member of staff to guide you to – and through – these two specific collections.

About stress and anxiety, these collections include for instance:


To borrow any of these books, or find the most suitable resource for you, visit your local library or browse our catalogue [insert link to:

Take care, and feel free to share any great recommendation in the comments section!