Louis de Bernieres  The Dust that Falls from Dreams

Bookworms at Harbury gave this top  marks  ( I concur—a wonderful book)  The group says it was the best discussion for quite a while, and was enjoyed by all. They liked the format of several voices with quite short passages of each, and felt that the author achieved each voice well. –sometimes so well, that he wrote like  a woman. The long shadows cast by the First World War were thoughtfully explored, evoking memories of past family members. Whilst the book never minimises the horrors of war, it also shows the changes in the lives of non-combatants, and the difficulties of peace afterwards.




Keith Stuart   A Boy made of Blocks

One of our newest titles reviewed by Radford Readers. Everyone liked the book and there was much to discuss- autism, men and women coping differently with situations and relationships and family life. Many members had experience of autism at some level, whilst those who hadn’t, said it opened their eys a bit and would make them more tolerant towards a child behaving “ naughtily “  The group would definitely recommend the book, not only might it make people understand the realities of living with an autistic child, it is also a good story.




Ann Walmsley  The Prison Book Club

KETG in Kenilworth found this an inspiring read, which generated very good discussion—possibly the best they have ever had !  It was loved by them all , on many levels. It encouraged re-reading of old favourites, including classics and several members made lists “ to be read” from books mentioned and not known to them.






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