More Book Reviews from May (thank you to all our reading groups for sending these in!)


The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, has been read by Farnborough group who meet at Southam.  (also reviewed by The Old School Literary group in Exhall in May).

All members of the group enjoyed the book and found it a real “page-turner”, There was some confusion about the miniaturist, and how she knew what she did (gossip or supernatural?)  It was also felt that the characters changed dramatically from scene to scene with no gradual development. However, all the group are keen to read another Jessie Burton (The Muse is now available on our reading group page)   They would definitely recommend the book, finding it exciting and very dramatic.

2And Towpath Readers of Nuneaton have read The Muse which they rate as “very good “. They all really enjoyed it, which kept them guessing right up to the end. They also found the period detail interesting—ie, the Spanish Civil War

Leamington Literary Society have been reading In The Place of Fallen Leaves by Tim Pears.

3They found it very well-written, with beautiful use of language, which gave a wonderful warm feeling of life of country folk. They had an excellent discussion of an excellent book !

Bishop’s Tachbrook group enjoyed The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly, which they found gripping and the writing vivid, although the time-leaps within the structure of the book, took some getting used to. The characters were well-drawn , 4the book had many strands, making for a compelling read and lots of discussion. They concluded with the thought that we are all capable of murder……

PECC reading group in Warwick reviewed The Cleaner of Chartres by Salley Vickers. (This is one of our very popular titles)  Here is what they say :

A few of us struggled to get started with this as 5there was a lot of detail and not much story in the first few chapters. However, once started, the book is an easy read about the lives of characters in a French city around the cathedral, along the lines of Chocolat.

We learn about the life of the main character Agnes, through her interaction with the others in the story, whose lives she touches in various ways. To sum up, a light novel written with dry humour, dealing with the traits generally found within any group of human beings.  


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