Hi, I’m L-B, and since I started working at Warwickshire Libraries I’ve decided I really like non-fiction. Before I started working here I thought it was kind of boring and only for schoolwork, I was WRONG.

Turns out, non-fiction is amazing. For a start, there are some really beautiful covers out there. Everyone has some kind of interest, and we will probably have a book on it. I have a few favourites, so let’s go through some of them and why they’re amazing!

Wicked Plants: The A-Z of Plants That Kill, Maim, Intoxicate and Otherwise Offend find it in 581.65. This book is so fun, the title is awesome and it’s really informative with great illustrations in it too.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying you can find it in 648.5 if you’re lucky! This one is very popular, because if you follow it correctly it really can do wonders for your house! I know housework is meant to be boring but give this book a try!

I’m a sucker for any books on bees or beekeeping, so I’d recommend any of our collection, just check out either 595.79 or 638.1; The Bee Book is a good one!

Whilst searching the shelve just now I came across a book called: The Natural History of Unicorns, which I think sounds like a thrilling read so it might end up  on my TBR.

A Brief History of Time can be found under 530.11 if it’s not out on loan. It’s one of the best-selling books of all time; this one has to be read!

Check out our non-fiction reading list online for further inspiration. Staff from across the county have recommended their favourite non-fic’ titles which they believe to be the hidden gems of our collection.

If you’re ever stuck on what to do, come to the library and look through our shelves, you’d be surprised what you can find here, and you may grow to love non-fiction as much as me!