The Green Road  by Anne Enright

Reviewed by Budbrooke WI group in Warwick.
The book generated lots of discussion, and their overall rating was ” average”
They didn’t agree with the reviews ( which generally gave the book five stars) , and found it too explicit in sex and language.
The characters were well-drawn , but not always likeable, and they thought the story lines were left unfinished.   ( a possible sequel coming up? )
The last comment was that it needs reading stamina to complete it. They would recommend it to others with reservations…


I Can’t Begin to Tell You by Elizabeth Buchan

Reviewed by Rugby Friendship Centre group

After a slow start, the group enjoyed the story. Many were not aware of how Denmark was affected by World War 2, or of the resistance movement there. They learned a lot, and had a lively discussion about women’s role, and how much the resistance gained by women being part of it. They were so brave.

The overall rating was  “very good” and the group would recommend it for all the above reasons.


It’s great to have so many reviews coming in. Thank you to those groups who have submitted, and do keep the ball rolling.

If you haven’t yet, do put pen to paper and tell us all about your latest read. It won’t take long, and all the groups appreciate it. Just a reminder not to tell us the story too much (only what’s essential to make sense of the review) and no spoilers please!

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