Leek Wootton W I reading group review Charles Cumming’s A Foreign Country

The book is rated ” excellent” . In their own words, this is what they said:
We found this a good read. It was pacy and our readers found it hard to put down. 
We liked the way each action took place in the short chapters- like scenes or acts in a play. 
Although hard to understand the beginning and the murder of tourists, the links were cleverly introduced.   A real thriller!
When asked if they were recommend it, the answer is a resounding “yes”–for those who enjoy thrillers/spy/crime stories.They said that the book keeps you involved throughout.

Review of The House of Hidden Mothers by Meera Syal

The group reviewing this has decided to be anonymous, but here are their thoughts:

A bit of a page turner. It deals with serious ideas, but is often very humorous.

The main subject is surrogacy, and is set in India. Until 2013, when the law changed, India was the surrogacy capital of the world, as it was so much cheaper there.

The book explores the problems and pitfalls of surrogacy, but also many other issues are woven into the story, such as the state of Indian society and it’s dishonesty, poverty, the position of women , relationships , and the difficulty of being between cultures.

All the main characters are very likeable, and presented in such a way for the reader to see why they behave as they do, and therefore empathise with them.


If you or your group have read either of these books, then do let us know what you think below…