The Hillside Reading Group in Harbury  on The Photograph by Penelope Lively
The group thought it a good book overall. They had a fair discussion, but not as much as some other books. They were “left hanging at the end, with some things not explained” , and considered the characters a bit two dimensional. They found this book to be  “light easy reading”.
Pallett Perusers group in Nuneaton read The Citadel  by Kate Mosse. 
Highly praised, the group gave this read an ” excellent” rating having found it very involving, ” and could visualise the terrain”. They were shocked at the torture but were eager to finish it.  It being in hardback put some off, so look out for our next Kate Mosse book in a few months time, which will be in paperback ; The Taxidermist’s Daughter
Has your group read this book?  Do you agree with these comments? Why not write and let us know? It would be great to have a conversation around this book. 
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