Thoughts on The Last Runaway, Tracy Chevalier written by a Warwickshire Reading Book:

This one had a mixed reception – I think overall the group found it just above average.

The book is a nice easy read, the characters are easy to imagine.  It is informative about Quakers, early settlers in America and quilting.  The romantic interest is somewhat Mills and Boon.

It did lack pace in places and it wasn’t easy to feel the fear that runaway slaves must have felt. The actions of Honor the main character weren’t always convincing although the life of women in those times was represented quite well as was the toughness of the pioneers.

What the cover says:

When Quaker Honor Bright sails from Bristol with her sister, she is fleeing heartache for a new life in America, far from home. But tragedy leaves her alone and vulnerable, torn between two worlds and dependent on the kindness of strangers, and life in 1850s Ohio is precarious and unsentimental.

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